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Can cast aluminum alloys anodize homogeneously?
Anodization has become difficult to apply on cast aluminum parts due to the silicon element. By combining electrochemistry and software technology, our technology eliminates all barriers to anodizing Al-Si alloys homogeneously by combining electrochemistry and software technology.
What are the difficulties during the anodization of cast aluminum alloys?
Anodization is a chemical process in which conductivity between the base metal and the solution is required. Silicon, on the other hand, is a non-conductive and inert element that must be added to aluminum to improve castability. As a result of the presence of silicon in the aluminum matrix, anodization causes electrical instability. Furthermore, because of the poorly controlled reaction generation, the manufacturing technique and shape of the parts affect the anodization procedure. As a result, we use software technology to maintain control of the anodization process and provide a controlled anodization mechanism.
Which cast alloys can be anodized?
Aluminum alloys of various types are used in variety of industries. In terms of anodization, the silicon percentage of aluminum alloys is the most important criterion. We use a software-controlled anodization method to apply the anodization process to a wide range of alloys containing silicon 1-17 percent.
How does casting quality affect the anodization process?
The manufacturing quality of aluminum parts is critical in obtaining high-quality surface treatment. Anodization is negatively affected by a lack of homogenization and the presence of porosity in produced parts. Because of the problematic base material, applying coating can be extremely difficult in some cases.
Can anodized cast aluminum be used to achieve a good aesthetic appearance?
The silicon percentage of alloy is the most significant constraint to obtaining a bright metallic appearance and texture. Satisfactory appearance and colors can be obtained on Al-Si alloys containing up to 7% silicon. Alloys containing 9 percent silicon and above, a matte and grayish appearance can be achieved.